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Customized Direct
Marketing Databases

Campaign Insights,
Reporting & Data Science

Optimize your direct marketing data, maximize your ROI.

Department 3 is your “third department” for optimizing direct marketing campaigns.

Sophisticated Campaign Engine

Our data optimization platform delivers precise cleansing, segmentation and analytics.


Customized Direct Marketing Databases

We purpose-build relational databases for each client to enable timely, data-driven decision-making.


Campaign Insights, Reporting & Data Science

Our intuitively-simple reporting platform lets you easily run reports or mine data to test hypotheses and spot trends.


Why work with us?

Department 3 acts as a “third department” by becoming an extension of your Marketing and IT teams, providing precision targeting and actionable insights while cutting risk and maximizing results.

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Step 1


Step 1: Build

Step 2


Step 2: Plan

Step 3


Step 3: Execute

Step 4


Step 4: Measure

Step 1: Build

We build a customized & optimized database for you containing clean, high-quality data by:

  • Examining your existing data.
  • Rolling-up all customer and prospect records.
  • Conducting an in-depth data quality analysis.
  • Migrating data to your hosted marketing database.
  • Setting up ongoing integrations and data feeds.
  • Segmenting it properly for direct marketing campaigns and analysis.
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Step 2: Plan

Department 3 helps you in painstakingly planning your campaigns by:

  • Helping you budget data-related campaign elements.
  • Developing detailed campaign processing schedules that align with all other production functions.
  • Sourcing prospect data and setting target criteria.
  • Coordinating with list providers, creative team/agencies and lettershops to meet schedules.
  • Providing ongoing guidance on list and data strategies.
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Step 3: Execute

We help you execute the data-related aspects of your campaigns by:

  • Helping target exactly who receives specific marketing pieces.
  • Processing all data through our Campaign Engine.
  • Receiving and cleansing data from multiple sources.
  • Checking data quality, address changes, and confirming suppressions.
  • Assigning logic and doing segmentation & personalization.
  • Advising about optimal list quality and ensuring proper file delivery.
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Step 4: Measure

We measure campaign effectiveness to find insights into what works (or doesn’t) by:

  • Conducting daily or weekly processing of response data from multiple channels.
  • Running matchbacks against prior campaigns via customizable attribution logic.
  • Providing custom & best practice-based reporting for optimizing lists, creative, contact frequency and more.
  • Generating our own analytics & insights, or supplying data to your in-house data scientists.
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How does Department 3 optimize Direct Marketing data?

Our Process

How do we optimize direct marketing data?

Our Process

How do we optimize direct marketing data?

Who We Serve

Industries that depend on Department 3

Who We Serve

Industries that depend on Department 3

Financial Services

We help engage the right recipients with the right financial product messages by mining 360° data on every target.

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Department 3 helps marketers be sensitive – and relevant – to healthcare consumers’ needs, concerns and health status.

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High Tech

For direct marketing growth hackers at tech firms of all types, we enable the accuracy their campaigns demand.

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Department 3 data optimization and analytics help our clients keep up with the ever-changing retail climate.

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Find out how we can help you maximize direct marketing results by optimizing your data, as we’ve done for other clients since 2001.

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