Direct Marketing Careers at Department 3

At Department 3, you’ll join a team that’s delivered commitment, insight, and collaboration to direct marketers since 2001. We’re dedicated to data optimization and making a seriously positive impact on client success.  Interested in being a part of it?  Contact us – let’s talk!

Flexible Hours

Department 3 is committed to helping you face the demands of balancing work, family and life-related concerns by offering flexible work arrangements. These give our employees work schedule flexibility while allowing Department 3 to maintain a progressive and productive work environment, and can be negotiated with your manager.


Our Freedom Paid Time Off  (FPTO) policy gives you the flexibility to take time off as you wish. We focus on what employees accomplish, not on how many days you work. You (and your managers) will allocate how and when you take PTO for vacation, child care, school activities, leave, personal days or emergencies, based on mutual trust between employer and employee.


Diversity and inclusion are cornerstone company values at Department 3. They’re critical to developing the talented, high-performing workforce needed for continuing business success. Our focus on people has helped establish a culture aimed at attracting, retaining, and nurturing diverse talent.

Competitive Pay

Department 3 compensation is designed to be fair, free of discrimination, and in line with current market rates for the position level that you’ve achieved.  Increases are based on a number of factors, including internal external equity, merit, productivity, efficiency, company performance, industry standards, among others.

Educational Reimbursement

Full-time regular employees are eligible for reimbursement for education costs that are pre-approved only by their manager.  It’s the employee’s responsibility to seek out the courses and other training mediums that will enhance his/her career development and are in line with the Department 3 mission.

Additional Benefits

Beyond our other benefits, Department 3 also provides commuter benefits, gym benefits, weekly healthy food/juice delivery, personal mobile and web reimbursement, standing desks, and we do regular company outreach to make sure employee’s opinions and ideas are heard.

Environmental Awareness

Department 3 supports environmental awareness by encouraging recycling and waste management in our business practices and operating procedures. This includes a commitment to purchase, use, and disposal of products and materials in a manner that will best utilize natural resources and minimize negative impacts on the environment.

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Caitlyn Johnson | Tech Production Manager

I have been fortunate to experience working with and in a variety of different groups at Department 3. Opportunities to grow both personally and professionally are endless here, and I feel empowered to own my career.

Caitlyn Johnson,
Tech Production Manager


DIVERSITY – At Department 3, you’ll work with an eclectic team of individuals, all with a single-minded focus on delivering data optimization and client success.


COMMITMENT – We’re devoted to superior client service, giving them the expert, best-in-class support they need to maximize direct marketing’s potential.

Maya Blumenberg | Director, Client Accounts

Department 3 is a group of brilliant minds – the perfect storm of technology, marketing awareness, and advanced data security.

Maya Blumenberg,
Director, Client Accounts