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Direct Marketing ROI Optimization: How a “Third Department” Helps

June 01 2018, Michael Concannon

Direct Marketing with Department 3

Hello! Nice to meet you! Or meet you again, as it were; until yesterday, we were ThinkSmart Data Services. Today, though, we’re Department 3. But what’s in a name (change), anyway?

Quite a lot, actually.

Since 2001, we’ve been optimizing direct marketing data and campaigns for our clients. What’s always set us apart, though, is how we go about it. We’ve always acted as a “third department” for each of them that’s an extension of both their Marketing and IT departments; an objective expert who also provides close, constant collaboration.

Direct Marketing with Department 3Our model basically offers all of the functions, performance, and results of an in-house department, including human expertise, the benefits of our industry-leading data optimization platform, and physical, pre-built architecture.

So when we realized it was time to make a change, becoming “Department 3” made perfect sense.

A formula for client direct marketing success

If there’s a simplified formula for what we do, here’s how it adds up:

  1. Data optimization is crucial for maximum ROI on direct marketing campaigns, and at Department 3 we’ve improved our customers’ results and profitability by providing data optimization services to enhance every phase of their DM campaigns.
  2. Close collaboration is essential to making that process work. We partner with a client every step of the way to build precision databases, facilitate solutions to data-related problems, and help achieve maximum DM ROI with minimized risk.
  3. Single-minded focus is another vital part of that formula. We’re not a data management firm, list vendor, database provider or lead-gen platform. We specialize only in expert, in-depth DM data optimization, which is how we’re able to deliver reliable results.

How do we “Department 3” it?

Exactly how do we optimize the quality and actionability of clients’ DM data?

  • By leveraging our pre-built Campaign Engine to collate, process and cleanse your data.
  • By applying superior campaign processing and merge/purge services.
  • By creating customized databases for every separate client.
  • By offering sophisticated reporting and analytics.
  • By providing enhanced data security.
  • By giving you best-in-class account service to convert that data into marketing success.

On that last point? Living up to our collaborative model requires we give each client boutique-level attention from start to finish. It’s why we dedicate an expert Account Manager, Data Analyst, Quality Assurance Specialist, and Engineer to every client. That, in turn, lets us bring our deep data optimization expertise and an inquisitive and innovative touch to every project.

Three services for data optimization success

It’s pure coincidence (we promise), but as a client’s “third department,” Department 3 differentiates itself even further by using three best-in-class services to help maximize DM ROI:

  1. Our sophisticated Campaign Engine: Using our industry-leading data optimization platform, we process nearly 20 years’ worth of complex data to deliver accurate, reliable targeting, segmentation, and analytics, running on our own pre-built architecture.
  2. Building customized direct marketing databases:  We purpose-build a relational marketing database for each individual customer. By consolidating and processing every scrap of available data about customers, leads and prospects, we’re uniquely able to deliver fast merge/purge processing, ultra-clean data, and holistic, accurate and actionable data insights.
  3. Supplying campaign insights, reporting & data science: Our web-based reporting platform is intuitively easy to use, so non-coders can run reports or mine data to test hypotheses and identify trends. Linked directly to client databases, it gives you access to standard, ad hoc or detailed drill-down reports before, during or after any campaign.

Our mission? Curing DM data headaches

Today, direct marketing depends on data, and the marketer who best optimizes their data will reap the best results.

But there are headaches and hurdles galore involved in optimizing direct marketing data. Making a mistake or mishandling data could cost a marketer millions, hurt their brand, and even draw the ire of regulators and watchdog groups.

It’s why marketers in highly-regulated sectors like healthcare and financial services have called on us, and keep using us as that “data department” we keep going on about.  Plenty of marketers in other categories, such as technology and retailing, have relied on us the same way since 2001.

Direct marketing campaign engine and data optimization

As we move ahead under the Department 3 label, we intend to keep living up to their needs. Marketing, especially DM, is going to only get more personalized, then hyper-personalized, more regulated, and more complex. So the quality of a direct marketer’s data is going to make more difference than ever before.

But as we’ve learned, clients equally appreciate the quality of the partnership they enjoy with the people who work here. That’s one thing we’ll never change, no matter what name we’ve hung on the door.

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