Technology Firms turn to Department 3 to optimize Direct Marketing data for reaching customers and prospects and mine it for insights.


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Amid all the clutter and chaos created by other forms of digital marketing, it’s easy to get ignored by overwhelmed audiences. Department 3 helps technology firms cut that clutter and get more for their dollar by helping them deliver precisely-targeted direct marketing. As the Harvard Business Review points out, response rates for direct mail are more than twice as high as email, display ads, and paid search – which is why Direct Marketing is still an evergreen strategy for even bleeding-edge technology firms.

Since startups and established technology firms alike depend on precise analytics to track their relevance and validate immediate ROI, they understand the need for quality targeting data to help drive growth. So they turn to Department 3 to optimize that data and mine it for insights.

We understand a technology marketer’s need to reach and engage the right IT decision makers, or consumers, or influencers, or others. By helping you harness the power of rich, accurate data and analytics, Department 3 helps you understand and convert the exact audience you’re after.

Collaborative Customer Service

Technology clients praise Department 3’s approach to account service. By dedicating an expert Account Manager, Data Analyst, Quality Assurance specialist and Engineer to your needs, we ensure boutique-level attention and seamless communication at every step of every project.

Powerhouse Processing

Our Campaign Engine services, utilizing our pre-built architecture, deliver fast, flexible, and secure one-stop processing of your in-house and outside lists. We’ll cleanse data from multiple sources, processing it through our advanced text analytics and fuzzy logic matching functions.

Custom-Built Direct Marketing Databases

We’ll purpose-build a relational marketing database for you, consolidating every scrap of data about customers, leads and prospects. Uniquely fast and efficient, it’ll enable quick merge/purge processing and mining of actionable data insights giving you a 360º view of every target.

Intuitive Web-Based Reporting

Our web-based reporting platform is intuitively simple to use, so non-coders can run reports or mine data to test hypotheses and spot trends. Linked to your custom direct marketing database, you’ll access standard, ad hoc or detailed drill-down reports before, during or after any campaign.

Reduced Regulatory Risks

Data protection regulations mandate stored personal data has to be “current and accurate,” so it’s crucial to regularly cleanse and optimize your database to stay compliant and avoid penalties. For Department 3 clients in a heavily regulated industry, that’s especially important.

Proven Performance

Since 2001, we’ve successfully served clients of every type. Regardless of the size and complexity of their direct marketing campaigns, we’ve worked hard at being true business partners with them. That’s why clients still process over 50 million records a day with Department 3.

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