Our Direct Marketing Databases are purpose-built for each individual client, supporting timely, data-driven insights to maximize ROI.

Direct Marketing Databases Customized to Your Needs

Our relational Direct Marketing Databases are purpose-built for each client, supporting timely, data-driven insights and decision making to maximize ROI from your email and direct marketing campaigns. It’s a foundation of success for your short- and long-term marketing goals.

Analysis of Existing Data for your Direct Marketing Databases

Analysis of Existing Data

  • We examine the data you have on hand, executing a roll-up of customer and prospect records.
  • Our team conducts an extensive, in-depth data quality analysis before your data is migrated to your hosted Department 3 database.

Building a Dedicated Database

  • We create a customized, optimized direct marketing database for you, containing clean, high-quality customer and prospect data
  • We set up ongoing integrations and data feeds.
  • Then we properly segment your data for your marketing campaigns and analysis.
D3 Data build dedicated direct marketing databases
Faster & More Actionable Direct Marketing Database Resources

A Faster & More Actionable Resource

  • Consolidating all available data about customers, leads and prospects into an optimized database allows faster merge/purge processing.
  • Holistic, accurate and actionable data insights are revealed, including comprehensive multi-channel contact and response histories.
  • You gain a richer 360º view of each target to execute and analyze cross-channel campaigns at a granular level.

How do Direct Marketers Use Department 3 Direct Marketing Databases?

The Director of Direct Marketing

The Director of Direct Marketing

To optimize the company’s direct marketing database and target segmentation, improve list quality and maximize the results from direct marketing campaigns.

The Director of Data Analytics

The Director of Data Analytics

To ensure optimal data quality and database health, and to mine data to guide marketing investments and identify key market trends, personas, and purchase drivers.

The Direct Marketing Agency

The Direct Marketing Agency

To cleanse and optimize its own databases, maximize results from client email and direct marketing campaigns, and develop actionable insights and analytics.

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