Our direct Marketing Engine provides data processing and optimization services; delivering accurate, reliable targeting, and analytics.

Direct Marketing Engine with Department 3

We provide industry-leading data optimization services, processing huge volumes of complex data to deliver accurate, reliable targeting, segmentation, and analytics for your direct marketing campaigns.

Our Direct Marketing Engine features proven, pre-built architecture.

Pre-Built Processing Power

  • Using our own proven, pre-built architecture, we provide fast, flexible, and secure one-stop processing of your in-house and outside lists.
  • We receive, load and cleanse data from multiple sources, processing it through our advanced text analytics and fuzzy logic matching functions.
  • Data is screened using on-premise USPS CASS certification and NCOA processing.

Segmenting and Suppressing

  • We’re able to assign logic, then segment and personalize records to meet your exact requirements.
  • You target exactly who receives specific marketing pieces, including by individual-level matching, household-level matching, resident/address-level matching and custom matching.
  • We precisely confirm suppressions, identifying anyone you don’t want targeted.
With our Direct Marketing Campaign Engine we we assign logic and segmentation to your lists.
We collaborate with you, using our Direct Maketing Engine, to select the optimal quality of your final list.

Optimizing Output

  • We collaborate with you to select the optimal quality of your final list.
  • We output that list, then ensure the file is properly delivered.

How do Direct Marketers Use the Department 3 Direct Marketing Engine?

The Director of Direct Marketing

The Director of Direct Marketing

To optimize the company’s marketing database and target segmentation, improve list quality and maximize the results from direct marketing campaigns.

The Director of Data Analytics

The Director of Data Analytics

To ensure optimal data quality and database health, and to mine data to guide marketing investments and identify key market trends, personas, and purchase drivers.

The Digital Marketing Agency

The Digital Marketing Agency

To cleanse and optimize its own databases, maximize results from client email and direct marketing campaigns, and develop actionable insights and analytics.

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