Marketing insights by means of intuitive web-based reporting and business intelligence tools, including intuitive online reporting.

Marketing Insights, Reporting & Data Science For Campaigns

Measuring the effectiveness of a campaign, attributing responses and applying insights is what makes direct marketing powerful. We match your response channels to each campaign, giving you valuable insights into what works (and what doesn’t).

Intuitive Marketing Insights & web-based reporting

Intuitive Web-Based Reporting

  • Our web-based reporting platform is intuitively easy to use, so non-coders can run reports or mine data to test hypotheses and identify trends.
  • Linked directly to client databases and their business intelligence tools, it gives users access to standard, ad hoc or detailed drill-down reports before, during or after any campaign.

Timely and In-Depth Analysis

  • Response data across multiple channels is received and processed daily or weekly, depending on your needs.
  • We run matchbacks against previous campaigns using customizable attribution logic.
In-Depth Marketing Insights & Analysis
Marketing Insights the way you want them

Insights the Way You Want Them

  • Custom and best practice reporting helps uncover insights for optimizing lists, creative and content, contact frequency and more.
  • We generate analytics and insights on our own, or work with your in-house data science team to ensure they’ve got the data they need.

How do Direct Marketers Use Department 3 Direct Marketing Insights?

The Director of Direct Marketing

The Director of Direct Marketing

To optimize the company’s marketing database and target segmentation, improve list quality and maximize the results from direct marketing campaigns.

The Director of Data Analytics

The Director of Data Analytics

To ensure optimal data quality and database health, and to mine data to guide marketing investments and identify key market trends, personas, and purchase drivers.

The Direct Marketing Agency

The Direct Marketing Agency

To cleanse and optimize its own databases, maximize results from client email and direct marketing campaigns, and develop actionable insights and analytics.

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